Information on Cost, Service Termination & The Future of OnSchool

Until the end of July 2020, all schools will be able to use free of charge. We are trying to clarify as soon as possible what we can offer from there on. Ideally, we will be able to organise funding (through foundations, the public sector, crowd funding or sponsoring); we are working on this. Like that, the service could continue to be offered at a very affordable price, at least for public schools. That is our goal.

If for some unexpected reason the operation of the service becomes no longer possible for us, or if an instance is terminated, we offer a free export of Moodle data. With this it is quite easy to set up a new instance of Moodle. With us, at your school or with other providers.

The schools can cancel the instance at any time. If ever Liip has to discontinue this service, we will give at least 4 weeks notice and if at all possible, we will take the school semesters into account in the timing of such a termination.

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As we seem to be approaching the end of the crisis we will bring our OnSchool offering to a close by 31. July 2020. Existing subscribers who would like to continue using the service, can move to our regular Moodle SaaS infrastructure. Public schools that actively use the service and want to continue with it, receive a special discount. Subscribers that would like to move elsewhere, will get an export of their Moodle data from us.